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My Story

My name is Stan and I love taking photographs. For as long as I can remember I've had a camera in my hand, at the beginning I was snapping alongside my dad; then later with girlfriends, eventually a wife; children and now even grandchildren.

After years of photography as a hobby something unexpected happened: I was asked to photograph a friend of a friends Wedding.

Gosh was I nervous! After the surprise had passed I agreed, and started preparing myself for this daunting task.

The morning of the wedding I thought; "Why am I doing this?".  This couple were entrusting me to capture memories of one of the biggest days of their lives- why did they choose me? I managed to push any self-doubt that I had aside and I'm glad I did as it was fantastic! Yes I was not perfect, my positioning was a little wobbly, I stuttered a little when organising the different family groups, but I got through the day and was so honoured to have not only been part of their day, but that I was able to supply them with real memories.

Long after the honeymoon; the cake all eaten, and dare I say memories beginning to fade they still have those photographs to look back on remind them of their special day.

This was the start of wanting to provide more couples with those same memories. So I took a course in wedding photography. It taught me the fancy posing, the angles, the pretend kisses. But it also reminded me of always being ready, always watching for "those moments" that are priceless; the laughter, the crying (mostly the grooms by the way), the fun, the pride, the relief, and all the other emotions, that make up the DNA of a perfect wedding.

That was then, and now?


Yes I still get those nerves the day before, when I'm preparing my equipment. As I'm driving to the venue, my head is full of the shots I want to get.

But those planned shots are not the most important ones, they are not the ones that I feel most honoured to have captured- the ones that matter are the those that in years to come you will still smile and say "Remember That Day Darling".

And when I'm not behind the camera.. you will find me walking Millie (our beloved Cavapoo) or down at our Caravan in Dorset, or even just enjoying a nice glass of white while watching crime dramas on TV.